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Our company ACTIA MULLER was born on the 22nd of October 2003 thanks to the merging between MEIGA and MULLER BEM, recently bought out by the ACTIA group. As such, we have been involved in the car repair for almost one century. First with the brand MULLER BEM which was created in 1919 and then with the tools of our mother company, ACTIA, pioneer of the electronic diagnosis.

We have our own research department in Chartres, in France and a special production unit for the car inspection and for all the MULLER BEM products, recognized for their performance and their reliability.

This strong tradition of design and innovation is accompanied by a real culture of the service.

Therefore, every day we are very close to the customers in the exploitation of their workshops for the car repair , the maintenance and the car inspection. We think that the purchase of a Muller Bem product or an ACTIA product must be the start of a real partnership with our customers. Today, our 180 employees work to satisfy about 20000 customers all around the world.

We are a subsidiary of ACTIA and member of the French group ACTIAGROUP. We offer new solutions for the electronic diagnosis, the mechanical diagnosis and the car inspection all around the world thanks to our international network of 33 subsidiaries and agents.